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Microsoft Courier

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Looks like an interesting product if they can bring it to market at the right price. I like the fact the J. Allard is leading the project. He was the lead for the Xbox 360, arguably Microsoft’s greatest product.

Frank looks for a laptop

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I am a PC?

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Here is Microsoft’s next jab at the Apple commercials. I like it much better than the first attempts. Still not sure it makes me want to buy a PC. Maybe it makes PC folks feel ok about owning a PC and not switching to mac.

As seen on Venture Beat via Scoble on Twitter

The 1st Microsoft commercial with Jerry Seinfeld

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I am not sure what they are selling. It is only amusing if you know who Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld are.

UPDATEHere is the 2nd commercial. No more informative and still mildly amusing. After clicking the link to go to YouTube click the high quality button on the bottom right of the window before watching. If it says watch in normal quality you are good.

Gates and Ballmer at D Live

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When you have nothing else to talk about you talk about the past.

They want to put a computer on every desk. What’s next? What?

See more at Gizmodo

My next mouse?

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I have used Microsoft mice for a while now. I like the tilt wheel and the forward and back buttons. I have been waiting for a worthy replacement for a couple weeks because my current mouse is getting tired. The leading contender so far has been the Logitech MX Revolution. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because it just doesn’t feel nice enough to justify the $100 price tag. Today Microsoft announced a new version of the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 7000. It has everything I need. Laser precision, rechargeable batteries with charger, bluetooth connectivity (so I don’t need a dongle), and a back button. It retails for about $70 and I am hoping to get it for around $50 once it hits Amazon. Now my only complaint is the fact that they didn’t change the name. They need to stop copying everything Apple does and naming new products the same thing is just silly and confusing for the customer.