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Google Maps Navigation

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It maybe time to sell your Garmin stock! Here is a look a the upcoming (free with the right phone) Google navigation. It has some great features. One major problem is that it requires and cell connection and I am guessing a nice speedy 3G connection at that to work. That could be a problem in many areas of the U.S. Still looks cool and points to the future.

Cool friend finder or big brother?

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Location apps seem very interesting to me. I generally don’t go to places that I would be embarrassed to be seen but something still seems a little Orwellian about sharing my location at all times.

Since I work at home people tracking me would probably become bored rather quickly. Google dove into the location game today with a new app for mobile devices called Latitude. Looks kind of cool. I wonder how soon they will start showing you ads based on your location?

Google directions with street view

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Kind of cool. Not sure how useful.

linked from googlemaps mania