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Time for something stupid?

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So is sounded like a great idea at the time. Ride 100 miles for a good cause and a way to make myself get into shape faster. So I signed up for the Fat Cyclist’s 100 miles of nowhere. Ride on a trainer or a small course for 100 miles. Then came spring break, followed by rain and general everyday business and somewhere along the way I forgot how important training for a century can be. Finally this week I googled “How to train for a century” and up popped a nice 10 week plan. Looked easy enough except that I only had 4 days before my ride. So this week I tapered. One ride of 20 miles followed by a couple laps of my proposed course to make sure it was still in good condition.

I have never been a much of a long distance rider, it is not that I don’t like long rides (I don’t) but they take a lot of time. I would rather ride 20 miles fast and typically do. My every day loop is a nice little loop near my house that I have a goal of working up to 22mph average. 22mph undrafted on a semi hilly course is fast. Maybe not for Lance Armstrong but it is fast for this 40 something year old body with stop signs and a couple of short wicked up hills to deal with.

To be honest I am not too worried about the fitness part, I am sure my legs will hold up I am used to suffering, I spent 3 months in the Wind River mountains when I was younger and survived without too much difficulty. I am worried about saddle sores and eating enough. I know, I know TMI. Hopefully my fancy new cycling shorts along with some of the goodies that the Fat Cyclist sent me will get me through without too much pain. The eating part will be interesting. I am used to parking on the couch and stuffing my face after a ride. Eating during the ride will be something new for my body.

Oh well, the day has come and it is time to get ready. I moved up a day after looking at the forecast, high 50º’s-60º’s and sunny looks much better than windy cold and thunderstorms forecasted for tomorrow. I invited an old friend that used to ride with me back in the day so I will have someone to suffer with. I think his training has been similar to mine. At least 20 years later we have nicer bikes.

If you aren’t doing anything today swing by and ride a couple laps with us or point and laugh. I am sure anything will be a welcome distraction.

I will post a followup later tonight or whenever I am capable of typing again.

Update We finished here is the map and with all the details.

So after an hour or so off the bike I am feeling better than I thought I would. I went faster than I thought I would be not as fast as I could have. I played it safe so that I didn’t bonk at mile X and not be able to finish the ride. The things hurt that I thought would but my muscles feel pretty good and were never really an issue. I am sure I will be a little tender in the seat area for a while I am sure.

The course and the weather were ideal. We had one stretch of the rectangle that was mostly flat with a little up hill that consistently had a pretty good headwind that switched from North to North West. But the temperature was nice. Cool enough that I never really broke a sweat and now have a nice tan.

I was hoping not to have any mechanical issues and by in large things were fine other than Andy’s left crank coming off at the 15 mile mark. Luckily it was a two minute fix and we were back off again. We got to know the area painters and lawn guys. Some asked how far we were going and others ignored us as they went about their business. We heard some good stories from people we know in the neighborhood about calls from cleaning ladies about strange guys riding by their house many times. 142 to be exact!

My wife Katie did a great job of occasionally stopping by to make sure we had plenty of water, a peanut butter sandwich or chocolate chip cookie. I was amused when she tried to give us two bananas in their peal inside a giant freezer bag. She quickly learned that simpler is better and didn’t cause too much drama during water bottle handoffs.

My kids were more excited about this ride than I was before the race but quickly lost interest after a couple tortoise and hare moves by us. I think they made it about 5 laps over an hour or so. They weren’t exactly they great domestiques I had hoped they would be but not a bad distraction at the 80 mile mark. Another little surprise at the 85 mile mark was a news crew (1 guy) sent to the scene at the request of my loving wife. Just what we wanted at that point in the ride. The joke was on her though since we were riding, she had to do the entire interview. Look for film at 11 on WNDU.

Here we are on the news “joined by other riders” (my kids)

More than halfway with a long way to go. Today was about small victories.

Done and done!

Nice tan

  • kristinpetersen

    Your Garmin stats are impressive- a Century under 6 hours-way to go! I am sure Mrs. O'Hagen was really touched that you would do that for her. How are you feeling today?

    I look forward to you brining your family out here for a bike vacation!
    Kristin Portolese Petersen

  • gfurry


    Thanks. I tried to keep it slow since I haven't really trained much this spring. I felt good all day but didn't want to push it thinking I would hit a wall around the next corner. I feel fine today. I can tell I rode 100 miles yesterday but nothing is really hurting.

    I would love to bring my family out for a bike vacation. I think we need to get some more miles on the kids first. My biggest fear yesterday was that one of them was going to crash one of us.

  • catascouts

    I love this idea!
    I should get people moving here as well.

  • saraspin

    Great job! Fatty is proud of you!